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Introduction of Color Flakes

Color Flakes, also commonly referred to as speckle, chips, flake or shell pieces etc.. It is a material derived from flaky silicate minerals. By highly technical manufacturing process, it forms a kind of unique hexagonal array of sheet-like material which is made into decorated products used in plastics and rubber items by multi-channel stage treatment and chemical treatment.

These unique flakes provide a natural metallic luster and the gorgeous color matching perfectly reflects the pattern effect of natural granite and marble. This back-to-nature visual effect cannot be achieved by other materials. So the color flakes help to improve the quality of your products to be more competitiveness in your market.


Application of Color Flakes

Color flakes are used for making ABS, AS, HIPS, PP and PVC with granite and marble effect through injection and extrusion. Our color flakes have passed the certification of REACH SVHC. They have the porperties of acid & alkali resistance and corrosion resistance which helps to reduce deformation of plastic products and make them more durable and more texture in appearance.


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