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  • Model: 1-5mm; 5-10mm; also can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Packing: 20kg per carton.
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    Composite color flake is also commonly known as acrylic flake, epoxy flake, vinyl chip, color chip. It is one kind of composite flakes made of acrylic resin through special technology. It has special product performance, showing the unique and rapid construction process effect which can not be replaced by the other flakes.


    Composite Color Flake features:

    1. Material is hard, obvious Stone effect;
    2. Material is crisp, easy for recycling after construction (which can be used for reconstruction without waste) , construction speed fast;
    3. With special production process, product toughness is enough for storage, construction, cleaning, recycling, without pulverization;
    4. Apply to all kinds of water-based resin construction, professionals are not needed and everyone can DIY. Rich surface color , obvious expansion effect, saving material;
    5. No warping or liquefying or any other adverse reactions applying to oil-based epoxy floor. Easy to combine with resin, easy construction, non-slip, safe, showing high-grade granite texture.
    6. Environmental and non-toxic;
    7. Non-flammable;
    8. Washable, soapy water can be used when cleaning;
    9. Seamless flexible surface, effectively reducing noise, preventing the accumulation of dirt, moisture and bacteria.

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