Imitation Stone Coating Construction Specifications

Imitation Stone Coating Construction Specifications

Tools: The following tools should be available before the construction. They are very common and you can find them in building materials stores or hardware stores. 

Roller Brush

img (3)

Spray Gun

img (4)

Masking Tape

img (5)

Scrubbing Brush

img (1)

Flaking Gun

img (2)

Process of construction:

1.Do leveling treatment for the wall cracks and damaged part with putty;

2.Use a blender to mix the primer and latex paint separately;

3.Apply the primer evenly to the construction surface with the roller brush;

4.Carry out the construction of imitation stone coatings when the primer is dry, mask the construction surface with masking tapes according to the required size;

5.Apply the latex paint to the primer with a roller brush, then apply color flakes with the flaking gun from the wall with a distance of 30-50cm, but 10-20cm at the junction of the wall. (It is ok to broadcast the color flakes with your hands, but make sure to be well-distributed.)

6.Use a scrubbing brush to remove the color flakes which are not fixed after 24 hours of construction. Then remove the masking tapes. Pull up the masking tapes near the junction slightly to avoid affecting the finished surface.

7.Spray topcoat with the spray gun until the coating is completely dry to prevent falling flakes as well as to reach the effects of fireproofing, water proofing, acid and alkali-resistance and antipollution.

Post time: Jun-23-2020